A: hey good morning
b: good morningĀ 
a:how are you today ?
b:im fine thank you , and you ?
a:im fine, can you help me please ?
b:yes of course
a:can you borrow me a pencil ? my pencil is missing
b.yes , this is it
a:ok thanks
b:yes no problem
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Elsa : Hello, Good morning Anna
Anna : Oh hi ! morning Elsa
Elsa : May I ask you a question?
Anna : yeah you may
Elsa : what do you do every morning?
Anna : I wake up at 05.00 and I wash and dress, after that I have a large breakfast, I havecereal and eggs and I drink some Juice, at a quarter to seven I left for school.
Elsa : Wow you never forget what do you do in the morning, Nice gilr
Anna : Thanks
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