Hmm...Kalau Yang Umum Sih...

Hi Friends,I'm _______ , Last Year I've a lot of new Experience, When I wanted to Registered to be a Students at this School, I Thought "Can I be a Students at This School?" But,Now..It's Unbelievable, I'm at 2nd Grade now...
Last Year I've met a lot of New Friends and New Teachers, Some of my Teacher, Is Funny,Kind But Some of my teacher is..Well .. Sometimes Creepy when She/he Angried to Me or My Friends, 

Well I Think Enough to telling my memory From Last year,
See you Guys ^_^ 

Boleh gak kyk gtuu ?
Hi guys... i wanto tell you about my experienced when i was in 7 grade.
firstly i sit at 7 grade i really grogy and nerves because i meet some new students wich i don't know.. some months had been i pasted i have many friends and i was so happy... i can study and play together with them.. my experienced which i remember that is when i and my friends tell some story so funny... we were laugh together, and we were forget about all problem study because that can make us happy and enjoyed my experienced when we were school.
ok. i think that's all...
sorry about all of my mistakes.