Jawaban paling cerdas!
A : Hi, How are you today?
B ; Hi, Not very good actually
A : Why?
B : Tya's had lossen her watch when she was coming to house yesterday.
     I've felt very terible for it
A : Really? Oh, i'm so sorry to hear that
     how can it could be happened?
B : I didn't know for sure
A : had you find it arround the house?
B : Yes, we did. but we had not found it yet.
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Shasa:hi how are you today?
mila:fine ,thanks
shasa:whats your name? my name is shasa
mila:its nice name,my name is milla
shasa:thanks ,nice to meet you
mila:nice to meet you too
shasa:hey where do you live?
mila: i live in jakarta,and you?
shasa:i live in tangerang
mila:ouhh ,I want to go home, see you
shasa:see you too
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