X: is that our teacher? Mr. T?
Y: al right. luckily, i want to ask him some question.let's go there
x: arre you sure? it's public place
y: what's wrong? we're his students. aren't we?
x: well, yeah... we are his students. let's do that.
y: good evening, sir
T: good evening. hey, you both are my students, right?
xy: of course, sir
y: sir, can i ask you some questions?
t: sure
Y: i heard, our new headmaster is the famous man. is that right?
t: what? i doubt it. our new headmaster is a good/nice man. but, i don't think that he is so famous. and.. are you ready for final exam tomorrow?
x: final exam? do you think that is right, Y?
y:i'm not sure about that
t: well, just kidding, students...

maap, ya.. kalau sedikit (lebih) absurd
ada dialog singkatnya gag???:) yang tentang "tom and jerry are eating in a restaurant .they see a man who is familiar to them.the men looks like their mathematics teacher.they are sure that the man is their teacher."
itu udah singkat, mungkin..
kalau mau, ilangin yang bagian di atas ....