A: hallo,, my name is A (pake nama lengkap)
B: hi, my name is B (pake nama lengkap juga)
A: where you come from?
B: I come from bandung
A: that's good
B: how about you?
A: i'm native here
B: okay, i must to go to the market
A: hmm, nice to meet you
B: nice to meet you too
maaf klo kurang berkenan ^_^
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A: Hello friend!
B: hello, what's your name?
A: i'm A, you?
B: my name is B you can call me A
A: nice to know you, B
B: nice to know you too. by the way, where do you live?
A: I live at ...
B: oh, I live at ....
A: I hope someday you will come to my house
B: yes, I hope so. Um, A how old are you? I'm .... years old
A: me too B! We are same. Do you have any brothers or sisters?
B: yes I have ... brothers and .... sister/ no I have not. How about you?
A: I have ... brother and .... sister / I have no brother and sister too
B: oh... A, what is your favourite colour?
A: I really like .... Do you like..... too?
B: yes, I like it! / no I don't like it. I prefer .... colour
A: I'm okay with that colour.
B: Hey A, what is your hobbies?
A: my hobby is
B: and my hobby is
A: wow, that's cool
B: thank you A, bytheway I have to go now. See u next time A
A: You have to go? Okay,
B. See u next time. You are a nice friend and It's fun to talk with you
A: me too B! Bye~