A  :   Congratulation for your graduation, Samantha. I hope you will become a good teacher. 
B:Thank you, Marry. It's not easy being a teacher but I hope I'll do just fine. My father has been a teacher for thirty years and he still enjoys being a teacher.
A:Did you know that Lincoln High School is currently looking for an English teacher.
 B:Lincoln High School? Where is that?
 A:It's a private school in Boston. Rather far from here but it will be an experience for you. Are you going to try to apply?
B:In Boston? No thanks. I read an advertisement on the paper yesterday, there is a local primary school that is looking for an English teacher. I will definitely apply for that position because I love children. It will be so much fun teaching them.
A:But teaching children will need patient and energy, are you ready to face that?
 B:I am ready to face anything. I am sure that if I love my job, then everything will be fine.