Okay lemme to help u abt that.

Vailla : Hello, good morning.
Marcel : Hello, good morning too.
Vailla : How are you?
Marcel : I'm fine, how about you?
Vailla : I'm fine as well. Thank you.
Marcel : Where are you going today?
Vailla : I'm going to go to home with my friends today, because we're want to finished our homework.
Marcel : Ow, glad to heard that. Hope you'll finished as soon as possible.
Vailla : Thank you, Marcel. I'm sorry I've to go to now, see you next time.
Marcel : Ya, see you. Good bye.
Vailla : Bye.


okay I know this is so weird but hope you'll get it and sorry if my English doesn't good. :)
apa bhs indonesia nya
oh my god panjang banget kalau ku artikan :(
ada yg lain dari i'm fine
Jawaban paling cerdas!
P1 : Hi. good morning
P2 : Hi. Good morning too.
P1 : How are you today
P2 : yes i'm fine, thank you. and how about you ?
P1 : Yes me too.
P2 : Tomorrow is  holiday, where do you go ?
P1 : I want to go to Medan, North Sumatra. and where do you go ?
P2 : I want to go to Padang, west sumatra.
P1 : Okay.  see you next to week. good bye
P2 : Good bye
apa bhs indonesia nya
Minta lengkapi dgn bhasa indonesianya