Example :
1. Would you be so kind enough to go with me?
2. Let's finish our homework first
3. Let's go to the library
4. Why don't you do your homework before going out?
5. We could eat at home today
6. What about eating at the new place?
7. How about going to sains place first?
8. I suggest that we call it a day
9. You need to change your sleeping habits
10. I think you should go and meet her
bagaimana dg offer minimal 10 kalimat,tolong ya?
1. Shall I take you home?
2. Do you want help with your homework?
3. Can I help you?
4. Shall I bring you something?
5. Would you live another helping of care?
6. How about i help you with this?
7. I have what you want. you wanna buy it?
8. Can i ask discount for this one?
9. You wanna deal for this?
10. Can i give you some advice?
kalau bagian you might to change.. ada ngak....?