Contoh Post Card  Dear : Naomi
Jakarta, 17 February 2011     
Last week I was went to
Asri’s birthday party. Asri is my best friend. There are many peoples in her party. All of them wear the elegant dress. They’re so pretty. I wore the pink dress and the pink flat shoes. And I was so happy, I was drank many drinks. And some cakes. The cake was very delicious. Umm, yummy. I want it once again. And the room design was so cool, I love it. After that we were went to the back garden. And we saw many stars in the night sky. Oh, that’s so beautiful! And so amazing! The light was so bright. I really love it and enjoy it.
 I think that’s my experience. And I hope you’ll share your experience to me. Thank You.
Your Best Friend

           dear: mia

  Jakarta 3 february 2014

   Last week I was went to Lia's brithday parrty .Lia is my best friend .there are many people inher parrty .all of them wear the elegant dress.they are is pretty

I think that's my experience

 Your best friends

  Lidia sari