1. - What are you doing? I am reading a novel.
    - Where do you come from? I am from England.
    - When did you arrive? I arrived yesterday morning.
    - Who is that beautiful woman? She is a popular singer.
    - Why are you crying? I lost my book and I can't find it.

2. - Are you a painter? Yes, I am.
    - Do you live near the zoo? Yes, I do.
    - Are you mad at me? No, I am not.
2 5 2
1)what about this pen?it is long? >> yes,it is long
2)where do you live?you live in mungkid? >> no,i live in borobudur
3)why you sad?you sick? >> yes,sure.. i'm not good
4)who she?she is new teacher in this class? >> no.. she is my mother
5)when you holiday?,tomorrow? >> yes..sure

"kalau gak salah,keyek gitu!"