A : Hello B,
B : Hi, what's up A?
A : I want to introduce my friend, he is C...
B : nice to meet you C, i'm B... you can call me B
C : nice to meet you too B, i have hear about you from A... you are from Xa-social class right?
B : yes, we are...i wonder what A have tell you about me.
A : dont worry, i didn't tell her about your bad attitude...
B : hey!!
(D datang)
D : good morning guys...
A : hey, D... please say hallo to our new friend.. he is C from Xb-social class,
D : hello C, it's glad to meet you...
C : glad to meet you too, so you are my class mate right?
D : yeah, Xb-social... that must be my class.
A : so? can you show him your class?
D : sure, c'mon... you will like our class mates, see you A B!
C : thanks... see you A B..
*huruf besar (A,B,C,D) diganti nama orang, khusus C : cowok*