- nanda: good morning, ayu
- ayu: good morning too
- nanda: how are you today?
- ayu: I am fine
- nanda: what your opinion about my bracelet?
- ayu: my opinion is good and very fits for you
- nanda: oh, let's go to the classroom!
- ayu: let's go
A : Hi how are you?
B : fine,thanks.How about you?
A : fine too.It's been a long time since we saw each other last to see you again.What have you been up to?
B : It's great to see u again.I've been very busy
A: really?where did u go?
B : I flew to New york for two meetings.after that i flew to atlanta where i had to make a presentation at a company conference
A : it sounds like you've been busy
B:Yes i've been very busy.And how about you?
A : I had a new job as a employee in Apple
B:waw !that's great.Well, i have to get going.Work is waiting me.
A : Oke .No problem.Good Luck.And have a good day.
B :Thank You..you too.Bye