Akbar : are you alright?
Esti : I'm fine.
Akbar : Please forgive me for the terrible thing i've done.
Esti : It's too late.
Akbar : i'm really sorry, Esti. Can't you forgive me?
Esti : It's okay. Never mind.

Itu pendapat aku. Maaf kalo jawabanku salah atau semacamnya.
A= Excuse me miss, i want to find a teacher
B=Who's the name of your Teacher
A=Her name is Ms Sari
B=Sorry, but Ms Sari is got permission, so she cannot come to school today. What is your purpose to meet her?
A=Ohh, I would to ask her to give back my Economic book
B=Sure, later i will call her about that
A=Thank you Miss
B=Your Welcome