Jawaban question tags dri soal ini apaan?
1.the guest saw the banner,..? ...
2.the headmaster will be there,...?...
3.there wasn't any paper left,...? ...
4.they haven't done that yet,..? ...
5.we had to leave banners,...?...
6.those are our banners aren't they?...
7.that is Angga's sister,isn't he?..
8.Claudia wasn't able to get it,was she?...



1.the guest saw the banner, didn't they?
2.the headmaster will be there, won't he? 
3.there wasn't any paper left, was there? 
4.they haven't done that yet, have they? 
5.we had to leave banners, hadn't we? 
6.those are our banners, aren't those?
7.that is Angga's sister, isn't she?
8.Claudia wasn't able to get it,was she?
kalau ungtuk jwb yg lain apa responnya? ksh tau jwbbn responnya aja jngn sma soalnya sklian. ntar cpek nulisnya hehe
Responnya terserah aja kan?
2. Yes, he will. 3. No, there wasn't. 4. Yes, they have. 5. Yes, we had. 6. No, those aren't. 7. Yes, she is. 8. No, she wasn't.
okee. makasih banyak yaa :)
Yup :)