Jawaban paling cerdas!
Andy: How are you, mate?
Ben: Yeah, good! You? Good start so far?
Andy: It’s alright, could’ve been better. You see, I met this old woman in a grocery store last night. She was so annoying, cutting the line and all, so I kind of told her off. Unfortunately, later did I know she was my girlfriend’s mom. My girl, was waiting for her mom outside, and saw me telling her mother off inside the store through the glass door. I’m doomed man!***
Sam: How’s it going Tam? All good?
Tammy: Yeah, how’s it going?
Sam: Okay, got caught in a horrible traffic though. But, what’s new? *laughs*
Tammy: True
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Andi : Hi Bela,what do you think about our school?
Bela : I think our school is nice cause in there we can study happily and comfortable
Andi : yes that right,I agree with you
         would you join with me go to canteen?
Bela : ok lets go