Mohon bantuannya..

A poor man
was walking around in the market place. He came upon a man selling broiled lamb
chops. The smell of the meat roasting on fire was so delicious that the poor
hungry man’s mounth watered. Unfortunately, he couldn’t afford to buy any. He
took out a loaf of bread from his back sack, held it to the smoke coming from
the roasting lamb chops and ate it. As he was about to leave, the vendor asked
for money.

‘But I
didn’t eat any of your meat!’ the poor man protested

doesn’t matter’, said the greedy merchant, ‘you enjoyed the smoke coming from
it, so you have to pay’.

The poor man
pleaded for mercy, but the vendor took him to Nasreddin Hodja, a teacher in the
country, to resolve their differences. They told their stories. Nasreddin Hodja
understood their dispute. He dropped a few coins on his wooden desk. The coins
made clink-clank sounds.

‘Did you
hear the sound of the money?’ he asked the meat seller.

‘Yes, Kadi

‘If you sell
the smoke of the meat, then you get the sound of the money.’ The Hodja

1. What would the vendor probably do in the end?
2. What the poor man probably do in the end?
3. If you were the poor man in the story, what would you do?
4. What is the moral of the story?



Jawaban paling cerdas!
1. the vendor must apologize to the poor man because being greedy and stingy
2. forgive the vendor
3. If the vendor apologize to me, I will forgive him. maybe I will apologize too becuase smell the smoke without any permission from the vendor.
4. we must not being greedy and stingy to the other
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