Teacher : Attention , please !! Atterntion , please !!
Students : Yes, ma'am

 Teacher : Dayu ,please look at me ! Would you stop doing that please ? Are you ready to learn ?
Dayu : i'm so sorry , Ma'am .. yes I'm

Teacher : Attention , Please. Are we all ready to learn english ?
Students : Yes, ma'am

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Meminta perhatian (asking for attention)
A: B, i have a new dictionary
B: may i see that?
A: of course. here it is
B: where did you buy it?
A:i bought it at "cerdas" shop

meminta pendapat (asking for opinion)
K: my new dress is beautiful. is that how you say it?
L: what a wonderful dress.
K: thank you
L: it looks very expensive.
K: no, it is not expensive

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