1. A : she goes to school every morning
P : school is gone by her every morning

2. A : my mother cooks vegetables everyday
    P : vegetables are cooked by my mother everyday

3. A : Mrs. Lee dances Lumba in UPY Studio every Sunday 
    P : Lumba is danced by Mrs. Lee in UPY Studio every Sunday

4. A : Mr. Tan teaches Mathematics in XI Grade
    P : Mathematics are taught by Mr. Tan in XI Grade

5. A : My father buys pens in that shop
    P : Pens are bought by my father in that shop
A : Joe opens the book
P : The book is opened by Joe

A: A truck carries a ton of rice from Yogyakarta
P: A ton of rice is carried by truck from Yogyakarta

A: Shakespeare writes that play
P: That play is witten by Shakespeare

A: Waitress serves costumers.
P: Costumers is served by waitress

A: The teacher explains the lesson.
P: The lesson is explained by the teacher.