Apa2 saja adverb, sama action verb? tolong gan


I remembered the time when I was in elementary
school. That time was happy time to me. It was because in elementary school, I
did many activities which ware very enjoying. For the example, in holiday, I
and my family went to central java. There, I could meet my other families like
grandmothers, grand fathers, cousins, and many others.

Besides I could meet my other families, I also could
visit traditional house there for the
example I visited keratin Yogyakarta. In that keratin I saw many instruments
from central java like flute, tambourine,drum,gung,and other musuc instruments.
I also saw many pictures of the leader from the first until the new one. From
those pictures gave knowledge for me about who people that ever led keratin
Yogyakarta .

Then, when I visited keratin Yogyakarta , I also saw
many tourists who visited that place. One of them was from England and she
introduced herself to me. Her name was angela. She was beautiful by having
blond hair , and she had blue eyes. We gave our phone number each other. I got
a new friend.

After visiting that keratin, I and my family backed
to my grandma’s house. Then, I and my
family at evening continued to visit bringharjo market. Bringharjo market was a
traditional market which was every famous in central java. The first impression
when I looked market. It was so
beautiful, even though it was very crowded.



Klo Ъќ slah ne ♧γ̲̣̣̥ÿ̲̣̣̣̥γ̥ɑ̤̥̈̊α̣̣̥α̊α̊♧. adverb : happy,enjoying,beautiful action verb : remembered. activities. went. meet. visit. saw. gave. backed. continued. looked