1st Pragraph = bananas, chocos, and vanillas. when i woke up from my sleep there so many food front right my eyes. it's really weird, but i'd really happy!! now.. where should i start? i really like the pink lolipop right in my left hands, but i really really want to drink a fresh milk right in my right hand! aaaa! (noun kata benda = bananas, chocos, vanillas, food, pink lollipop, fresh milk)

2nd Paragraph =  so.. i drunk my fresh milk and it's really really.... YUMMY!! I'M FEELING LIKE IN PARADISE NOW!! YAPPIE!!! then I lick my pink lollipop and I bite a bar of chocolate. why would this happened to me? i really love this! dont tell me this is a dream! (verb : Drunk, Lick, Bite)

3rd Paragraph = but, when i wanted to ate some chips infront of me, my stomach feel so ill. my stomach feel like burned! my skin looks like burned, and i turned become ugly. (adjective : ill , ugly )

4th Paragraph = then some genie is out from my mouth. she said "yesterday you was so suck, then you must pay for it you suck human!" and my mouth is burned. i remembered what i do yesterday. and i remember, i throw my food to street and went to home. (adverb : yerterday )

5th paragraph = Lanjutkan sendiri yaa gomenn :3