Apa adverbnya ?

=> Weekend was a public holiday.
The students of SMP 1 Lebong Utara, special of eight Superior class and eight
Bilingual class took a trip to Kepahiang. They hired one bus and nine travels.
They were be old, new and big.

Event (1)
=> In the morning the students woke up
early. Their mothers prepared some food, snacks, and drinks for them. Their
parents took them to the school. The bus and travels were already there. Some
students were in the bus and travels. At seven o’clock the bus and travels
right their school. The students looked very happy, they started to sing, and
to sleeping.

Event (2)
=> At eleven o’clock they
reached kepahiang. Upon arriving in Kepahiang their go to Kabawetan previsious
go to BMKG ( Badan Meteorologi Kimatologi dan Geofisika ). The students
hurriedly got out of the bus and travels. Their lunch in under a big tree.
Around at one o’clock the students go to Curup Square. There are the students
go to shopping and eating. At seven o’clock the teacher called the students
together because it was time to go home.

orientation => In summary,
the trip was very enjoyable and relax. The place is so impressive with its
beautiful panorama in Kabawetan and add to knowledge.



Early, there, in the bus and travels, hurriedly