Sunday, 28th August ‘11In the morning, I did my activity as usual. Suddenly, my sister says that we will go to the mall. I think she just kidding, so I did my activity again. I didn’t yet take a bath yesterday.And then, at 10.00 a.m. my mother asks me to go along. “Oh we will shop?” I was so startled. ”Of course, come on! Take a bath one minute”, my mother said.We went to the mall at 11.00 am. There, my parents allow me to bought something. I decide to bought a trouser. Today was a great day.
Dear diary.
im very happy today because me and my team finally can get the first champion in science club. we finally can bring the gold medal to our home and we can make our scool and our parents proud of us.
this is really a special day for me i will never forget about this day