Jawaban paling cerdas!
Hi, my name is Andi. I have a black and curly hair. Im tall and thin, I have a dark skin and a round face. My eyes are dark colored.
maaf salah bukan " I have a black and curly hair" tapi "my hair is curly and black"
ya. thx
yaa samasamaa
Hello, my name is Damar
I am eleven years old. I'm on the seventh grade
I'm schooling at a Junior High School number 1 Tanjungpandan
I live somewhere at Anwar street, Tanjungpandan, Belitung
I have a younger brother aged 2 years
My hobbies are Writing
When I'm adult, I want to become a journalist
I think thats all
I'm sorry for my mistakes, thank you for you attention, see you !