A : Hello, how do you do?
B : how do you do too
A : By the way, what is your name?
B : My name is B, how about you?
A : my name is A and I from pandeglang, how about you B?
B : I am from serang, where do you live A?
A : I live in Pandeglang, have you ever visited pandeglang, B?
B : Never, acctually I want to visit there, heee
A : You can visit to my house and I will invite you to visit carita beach
B : Thanks, next time ok? Hee.
A : Okay, I will wait for you.
B : A, Sorry, I have to go now
A : Any something to do, B?
B : Yups, next time we can talk again, ok
A : Okay, see you next.

A : Hi.. Are you student in here?
B : Yes i'm new s student in here
A : Aah What's your name?
B : My name is B.. I come from junior high school 3.. And Now i live in jakarta selatan And you?
A : I'm A.. i live in bekasi My class is xi 3.. Where your class?
B : Mmm.. I still searching my class.. Can you help me?
A : I'm sorry.. I'm bussy
B : No problem..
A : Are you sure?
A : Yess.. I know your bussy
B : Thanks.. Nice to meet you
A : Nice to meet you..