Jawaban paling cerdas!
Klo suggest
Anna : hello elsa
Elsa : hello anna, this is a nice day, right ?
anna : yes, but it isn't for me
elsa : why ? do you have a problem
anna : of course, you know, my friend is sick, she is in hospital now, i want to visit her, but i don't have a time , what should I do??
elsa : i see, maybe, you can call or send a message to her, and say sorry because you can't visit her. you can pray for her
anna : that's right . i will try it. thank you elsa
anna : your welcome

klo offer
anna : elsa, i am very thirsty because after school, i should go to your home for this assignment
elsa : shall i bring you some tea ?
anna : thank you, its very kind of you
elsa : its my pleasure, anna

maaf klo salah ya :)
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