Kadek:how are you ?
indra:excellent,and you ?
k : fine,thanks
i :.....???
k : oh,i am reading a book
i :what book is it ?
k : it's biology book,it's about plants and animals
i : ....??where did you buy it ?
k : i bought it about a month ago.do you have an interest in it ?
i : ....!! i need that book for doing a task from my teacher.
k : what task is it ??
i : summary of the plant's classification
k : ...???
i : yes,i'll buy it.OK,thanks for you information.i've got to go now.see you
k : see you
( bagi yg pintar bhs.inggris tlong bantuin buat pr ku yha !! tolong yg titik2 isi tanda tanya tu di lengkapi isi kalimatnya pake bhs.inggris )jangan ngawur yha,,please :-(



I : what are you doing?
i : I can look your book?
i : Yes, I have

yang i terakhir maaf gak bisa jawab

I : What are you doing?
i : what are you doing?
i: can i see that book?
i: yes i have
k : you can buy this book at gramedia
k: you wanna buy it?