Toloong dong buatin dialog bahasa inggris buat bsk :'v
yang panjang,temanya introducing myself

Makasihhh :'3

let me introduce my self
my name is
i live in
my fathers
my mothers
my hobby
my religion

thanks for atention ,,


Let me introduce my self
my name is..
i live in...
im ... years old....
my fathers name....
my mothers name...
my hobby is....
my religion is....

thanks for atention ,,,

Angela : Hi Tom! Meet my Cousin, Jack!
Tom : Hi Jack! Nice to meet you!
Jack : Nice to meet you too!
Tom : What grade are you in?
Jack : I'm in grade 7A :) What grade are you in? 
Tom : I'm in grade 7B!
Tom : Do you like your new friends?
Jack : Yes :)
Tom : Well, nice to meet you! Got to go!
Jack : Bye!
Angela : Bye!!