Adi : Guess what,Aning.Our father just made a surprise on my birthday.
Aning :Really? What happend?
Adi : You'll never guess.He promised to buy me a new motorcycle if I get at least 90 on Math,Science,and English
Aning : A motorcycle? What.........! Are you sure about it?
Adi :Definitely

Questions ;
a) Who is Aning to Adi?
b) What are Adi and aning talking about?
c) Who is surprised? List the expressions in the dialogue which show that she/he is?

Ada yg bisa?



A. siblings
b. aning's surprise at her birthday
c. aning & adi
A. sister. b. they father will buy motorcycle for Adi if Adi get least 90 on math,science, and English c. Aning. she did'nt believe it.