Jawablah pertanyaan berikut dengan kalimat yang tepat
1. are you certain your school is the best in this town?
2. are you sure your classmates are good friends?
3. are you sure you will pass the last exam?
4. are you sure your mark of the last exam will be good?
5. are you sure your will e registered into the favorite school?



1. I'm very certain
2. Yes, I'm sure, Why ??
3. Sure
4. absolutely
5. I'm not too sure
2. i'm not really sure about that
2. i'm really sure
3. of course that was everyone wanted to be
4. think positive
5. i hope so
1. yes, i'm certain
2. really sure
3. yes, i'm sure
4. maybe, but i hope it can happen
5. why not?