Ada yg bsa ngerjain soal ini gk

write the apporopriate santences to given situation. what will happen ? what will he/she do ?

1. mima : it is so hot in this room . cloud you open the door ?
sisca :
2. ron : have you finished you task, harry? how about doing mine too?
harry : that
3. the driver is driving so fast. i think....
4. mom : felix, clean up you room. it's very messy
felix :
5. a : hey, dont your hear ! the phone is ringing
6. i know he hates me. he ............ solve my problem
7. tom : how about having dinner qith me tonight?
tiara : im sorry,
8. rida : you dont have to bother accompany me home.
ferry : it's ok. i want it to. i ........... alone at night



1 yes of courseĀ's very dangerousĀ