Tolongin donk !! pertanyaannya bersangkutan tentang cerita malin kundang ..
1. how was malin kundang before?
2. wht malin left his mother?
3. why his mother felt sad about him?
4. why malin's mother wanted to see him?
5. how is malin's wife?
6. what is happened when malin met his mother?
7. what happened to malin at last ?



Di jawab apa diartiin?
di jawab aja
1. a poor man.
2. because he want to be a successful man.
3. because malin never cme back to his house.
4. because she worried about him.
5. she is beautiful and a rich woman.
6. he denied her mother because she look so dirty and poor.
7. her mother cursed him into a stone, finally he become a stone.
Maaf kalo salah, salam kenal:)
iya .. makasih yaa
1. he is a poor boy.
2. he will work at the city.
3. because malin's forgot his mother.
4. because malins mother missing him.
6. disagreed his mother.
7. he changed to be a rock forever.