Chrysthal: Hello, I'm Chrystal. I was new student in here.
Nathan: Hello, Chrysthal I'm Nathan. I'm is studying at here to.
Grey: Hi, Chrysthal. My name is Grey. I'm not student in here. My class in front of here.
James: Chrysthal, my name is James. I'm is leader in this class. You're name so beautiful, Chrysthal.
Loli : hello, my name is loli ,what your name? Nona : my name is nona, nice to meet you. Loli : nice to meet you too, what your hobby? Nona : my hobby are singing, reading, and drawing. You? Loli : ooo.. my hobby only playing tennis. Fabby : hello, friend. My name is fabby darmayanto. You can call me fabby. My hobby is playing football. Thats all about me, nice to meet you.. Loli and nona : nice to meet you too, fabby... Fada : wait... i want to introduce my self too. My name is fada husman prawija. You can call me fada or husman. My hobby is dancing. I know who you all, in the first is loli, in second is nona, and in third is fabby. Right? Loli, nona, and fabby : yes, thats right, fada..