DialogFarah     : our earth is getting hotter. It’s because of a lot of illegal logging, green house effect, air       Pollution by carbon dioxide, and much more.
Risma    : I agree with you. Then, what should we do? Any idea? 
Farah     : Hmmm…. I think we must do prohibition to use the vehicles or stop factory activities that    damage the river for a while.
Risma    : Umm…I’m not sure I can agree. Your ideas are too excessive. It’s impossible. I think we must do  reforestation along way and cooperate with many people to make it happen.
Farah     : Ah that’s right, I agree completely. But, we have a problem here,
Risma    : What’s that?
Farah     : where we can get the plants?
Risma    : don’t worry. My uncle sells a lot of plant. So, we can buy it.
Farah     : that’s a good idea.