As we know ,most cat look so
cute ,so does my cat. My cat's name
is Cuty. I name it Cuty because she
looks so cute and make me always
want to hug her.
My Cuty has white and orange
fur .Its so soft .She has blue eyes.
Her tail is long. And she also has a
bunch of sharp teeth.The whishkers
in her mouth make her even more
But,although she looks very cute
and funny,when she was angry or
want catch her prey like mouse,
shes scarying me. Her paws look so
sharp and long. Her sound also
change like tiger sound. I never
approach her when she is angry.
But,when my Cuty back as
ussual ,I approach her again ,and
play With her, she looks enjoy it.
i love my cat so much.
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 i have some pet. however my favorite pet, is timmy my cat

timmy is a male tabby cat. he is very adorable with his soft fur, he has innocent round eyes and feeble sweet voice.
timmy is a nice playmate, i'm happy to spare my time with him, most of time, he's a good boy. it's impossible for me tobe angry with him :))

tlg, dong buatin predikat jawaban nya, jawaban terbaik supaya pangkat saya terpelajar :(
mkasih ya :) buat peringkat nyaa
makasih juga buat tanggapannya
oke" sama :))