Eric: hey daniel!
Daniel: hey eric!
Eric: hey i heard you win a math competition ?
Daniel: yeah I win it yesterday,
Eric: Congratulations!
Daniel: Thank you!


Jawaban paling cerdas!
ni contohnya..

Arif : Hi Raline, you look great today!
Raline : Hi Arif, thank you. How are you today? Arif : I am so great today. Guess why.. Raline : I don’t know. Why do you feel so great? Arif : I got A in my last examination. Raline : Awsome! Two thumbs up for you! Arif : Thank you. Hey, I like your hat, where did you get that? Raline : My father bought for me from England. Arif : How extraordinary! Did your father visit England for a long time? Raline : No, it’s only for two weeks. I heard that you are going to visit England too. Is that right? Arif : Yeah, I will be there in order to register for a university in Manchester. Raline : Wow, you’re rock! I love Manchester! Arif : Join with me and we can go together. Raline : I can’t do that. My father has registered my name on Harvard and I also prefer to choose US than Europe. Arif : Harvard? Are you serious? Raline : Yes I am. Arif : That’s a great decision! Raline : Thanks Arif. Sorry, but I have to go right now. May be we can chat again by phone. Arif : Yeah no problem. Raline : Ok, I wait for your call.
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A; Good morning B !
B : Good moring too, A !
A : How are you today ?
B : I'm very great. you ?
A : I'm good. Today you look happier and more excited than yesterday. What happened ?
B : Well, yesterday, I followed a karaoke singing contest in the town center, and I sing very well, so I won the second prize/place !
A : Wow ! Contragulations B ! I'm very happy to hear that.
B : Thank you so much A.
A : What prize did you get ?
B : I won a trophy, a certificate, and a new microphone
A : I must admit you must be singing very well and very brave in front of many people. I'm so proud of you ! Contragulations again
B : Thank you so much A

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