A: excuse me, may i have your attention please?
B: sure, what can i help you?
A: my daughter is sick. can you help me bring my daughter to hospital please?
B: sure
A: thank you
B: you are welcome
makdsudnya meminta perhatian teman tolong buat kan yang itu
A :Attention Please..
B : bla...bla....bla....
: Hei you please be quiet and look at me...
Everybody : Bla....Bla....Bla....

air hostess : Y'all ! are you all deaf !
Everybody : Bla....Bla....Bla...

Air Hostess : Uh ! i Can't take it anymore ! ( running into the toilet )
Everybody :Bla...Bla....Bla..
tinggal mengganti kata air hostess dan everybodynya saja sorry,
A : Hello everybody may I have your attention please ?
B : Yes Ma'am
A : Ok , now listen me.... tomorrow we will have a flag ceremony
B : Yes Ma'am we will prepare for flag crremony
A : Ok see you...
B : Ok Ma'am
maksudnya meminta perhatian teman tolong buat llagi
Klo meminta perhatian pke Attention please ...... aj