Jawaban paling cerdas!
2 cloves of Garlic
2 onions cut into small pieces
1 table spoon of vegetable oil
a plate of rice
some salt
Steps how to make it
First, pound garlic and 2 pinches of salt.
Second, heat vegetable oil on a frying pan.
Third, put the pounded garlic and salt, and onions into the hot vegetable oil. Fry them a while.
Fourth, put one plate of rice. Fry and mix them around 3 menit.
Fifth, add two pinches of salt. Continue frying until the rice is hot enough.
Finally, put the fried rice on a plate. Serve with a sunny-side up.
ingredients :
- 2 plate of rice
- 1 clove of garlic
- 1 tablespoon of tomato sauce
- 1 egg, beaten
- 100 grams of chicken meat
- 1 tablespoon cooking oil
- salt

how to make :
- first, heat oil and saute garlic until the smell of garlic comes out
- after thet, add chicken, stir briefly until slighty cooked
- next, add the egg, stir until cooked egg cracked
- and then, enter the white rice, tomato sauce, and salt stirring until blended with herbs
- finally, served with decorated accordingly