Surprised & Certainty

Fill in the blank in each of the following dialogues with the correct expression.After that, answer the questions!
Dialogue 1
Tono : What do you think of Yuni?
Rini : I’ve never met such a clever student before in my life. She got 100 for almost every subject. What........!

a. What type of student is Yuni?
b. Who is surprised?
c. Why is he/she surprised?

Dialogue 2
Bambang : Do you see what the circus man has done?
Agus : Yes. How could not he miss the balloon on the girl’s head even though he was blindfolded when he was shooting? What ...!
a. What has the circus man done?
b. Who is surprised?
c. Why is he/she surprised?

Dialogue 3
Adi : Guess what, Aning. Our father just made a surprise on my birthday.
Aning : Really? What happened?
Adi : You’ll never guess. He promised to buy t me a new motorcycle if I get at least 90 on Math, Science and English.Aning : A motorcycle? What ...! Are you sure about it?
Adi : Definitely
1. Who is Aning to Adi?
2. What are Adi and Aning talking about?
3. Who is surprised? List the expressions in the dialogue which show that she/he is..



Dialog 1. a. a clever student
b. rini
c. because she never met such a clever student in her life

dialog 2. a.
b. agus

dialog 3. a. brother
b. about birthday gift adi

bnyk yg gk tau xD