A : "Hey, Guys! Let's do it again!"
B : "I'm sorry. I'm tired. I can't do it again."

C : "D, what are you doing?"
D : "I'm just ... checking this statue."
maaf tapi yg aku maksud harus ada kata "attentionnya"
oh maap, aku salah paham..
salah cookk
Jawaban paling cerdas!
Teacher    : Good morning students,
Students  : Good morning sir
Teacher    : Before we clossing the lesson, i have an important information , can                       you focus to me?
Students  : All right sir
Teacher    : Well, in the next lesson,  we have a first simple examp. I make the                        examp not difficult, just medium okey. Please you study from Engglish                 book at page 6 up to 26. Just that. Please be focus at examp. Do you                   understand? 
Students   : Yes sir.
Teacher    : Okey, great. See you next lesson
Student     : Thank you and see you sir
Teacher    : Your welcome 
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