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Laila is at school. she left her english book at home. she calls her brother and asks him to take it.

Laila's Brother: Hello, who's there?
Laila : Hi, it's me, Laila, can you help me?
Laila's brother: Sure. What can i do?
Laila : Would you take my english book to school for me, please?
Laila's brother: all right, see you at school
Laila : see you
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A : hello
B : hello, this is mia may i speak to ben, please ?
A: sorry but he's on the way home. would you like to leave message ?
B : yes please tell him that today i cant finish the homework together. i got a headache..
A : im sorry to hear that.. get well soon. it's better if you take a rest now..
B : thanks
A: by the way have you go to doctor ?
B : not yet
A: i think you've to go to the doctor soon
B : ok, thanks
A: you're welcome