Cat-have black fur,long tail,four legs,two ear
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                                                         my cathy
identification ⇒         cathy is my cuddly and playful white cat.
descriptions ⇒         this cat is very cuddly. it delights me with its grace and                                 beauty. it is small but fat enough. it has soft fur. the fur is very white                       like cotton. it has a long tail. its eyes are round. it looks cute. it is                         always near me. it is part of my family. sometimes it is my best                             friend.
                               my cathy is playful. it likes playing with anything. it often                             plays with me. it likes playing with a ball very much. it is very                                 clever. sometimes it is very naughty. it likes to scratch my furniture                       and make a mess on the rug.
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