last week, my mother told me that my grandpa's birthday was coming. the birthday was on friday. she wanted to make a birthday cake for him. so, we went to the grocery to buy some ingredients. after that, mother baked tyhe cake. at 7.00 in the evening party began. we invited all the members of my relatives. they all come to the party and congratulated grandpa. grandpa was very happy to receive all the present we gave to him. after singing the birthday song, grandpa cut the cake and gave the biggest piece to me.
Mksih,, bias buatkan satu lagi,, tp agak bnyakan lg
last year, i left new zealand for bunaken island. i went there with a group of new zealand divers. getting soon after our arrival at bunaken, we got a general briefing. it include a description about how to take pictures under water. then we began our diving. in our diving, we saw groups of tiny fish. in order to identify them, we needed a good guide. without some knowledge of their habitat and behavior. it was difficult to identify. in summary, the trip was mostly enjoyable.
 Morning i goto school. my mom got me ready for school and then I had to wait for him to brush my hair and put each piece in just the perfect position. I had to show her my shoes that I had cleaned the night before by me and my school bag should be neatly placed on my shoulder before I could get near the door in my room. Only after my mother was completely satisfied, whether I would be allowed to rush out of my house. I would leave home at 7 am at the point and make your way down the path. After walking about 500 meters I could see the tower of my high school. Play will be full in the summer and the noise would make me want to rush into the courtyard and into a good game of football before the bell. that's how I now want to go to school.