Jawaban paling cerdas!
Are you sure ? atau are you certain?
tolong beri contoh dong atau sekalian kasih tau gimana cara buatnya cmn 8 percakapn
yg kutahu hanya segitu klo ingin tahu lebih sebaiknya anda tanyakan pada google yg lebih tahu
iyiy mksh sebelumnya
are you sure today will rain? yes, i am sure
Jalal : What do you think we should give Arni as her birthday present?Rusli : A doll, I thinkJalal : Are you sure?Rusli : Yes, certainly. As far as I know, she likes doll.Jalal : Well, it is possible I suppose, but I doubt it.Rusli : So, what do you think?Jalal : Why don’t we buy her a wristwatch?Rusli : I don’t think so. It’s too expensive.Jalal : You are right, but we can collect the money.Rusli : Still, I doubt it. I’m broke now. I don’t think I can get enough moneywithin this week.Jalal : Well, doubt isn’t going to do anything. I can lend you the money if you want.Rusli : Really?Jalal : Certainly.Rusli : Thank you very much.Jalal : Don’t mention it.