Tolong dibantu ya.... kata- katanya ada yang salah apa enggak?ada yang ngak nyambung ngak kata-katanya?

My name is Rahma Rosaliana Saraswati. But, you can call me Rahma. I am from 10 junior high school. Before that, I ever studied at Harapan Mulia 03 elementary school. I was born in Jakarta on December 14 th 1999. Now I am 14 th years old. I live on Jalan Harapan Mulia 1 no.2 .
I am the oldest on my family. I have two younger brother and one younger sister. My mother is housewife and my father is bussiness man. My favorite food is shrimp and my favorite drink is tomato juice.My favorite color is red.
My score of english language on national examination just 8,8. Althought small but I proud of it.My target score of english language is B+. I have plant to continue my study at University of Indonesia, falculty of management. After that I want to continue my study at UNJ, faculty of management education.In the future I want to be a teacher and bussiness woman. So, I must study hard to get all my wish.My reason to choose 77 high school because a lot of students in here get invitation to enter college without test.



Pas yg di but you can call me rahma itu gk ush pke but
semuanya sdh btul