1. did the fisherman like asking the fish for wis her ? how did he feel about it ? do you think he could have done something else instead of going back to the fish again and again ?

2 the story doesn't reveal how the prince was turned into a fish what do you think might have happened ?

.3 do you think the prince will staya fish forever ?
4. what happened at the and of the story ? please describe?
5. why did the fisherman's wife keep asking her hus band to go back to the fish?
6. what do you think of fish hernan's wife? do you feel sorry for her ? ordo you feel angry with her discuss?



1.according to the text,the fisherman didnt like to ask the fish for wished,he did it with heavy heart,i think the fisherman will stand in go back to the fisherman as long his wife ask him.
2.in my opinion,the prince can be a fish because he was cursed by God but he given a skill to giant a plea
3/in my opinon,theprince will change back to be [ronce if he can grant other plea as many three time
Ini pasti pertanyaan dari uku paket,punya saya sudah dicocokan
arti 4. 5. 6. what