1Third Grade Step Up to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills Reading Assessments for Learning © SAMPLEIntroductionStep Up to the TEKS meets the specifications published by the Texas Education Agency for the eligible Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, (TEKS), assessed with the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness, (STAAR).The purpose of this book is to focus on modeling and assessing the thinking skills required at the third grade level of difficulty. The stories and questions which follow provide opportunities to practice the thinking skills necessary to advance reading to a higher level. Reading and Science TEKS are addressed in these activities. A majority of the passages are Science TEKS related with Reading TEKS questions. The passages that are not science related assess literary standards. While reinforcing reading skills, the students will obtain science knowledge and understanding. Assessments for Understanding (AU)After the story, the student is instructed to rewrite the story on a sheet of notebook paper in his or her own words. This is a very important way of assessing the student’s comprehension of the story. The comprehension of the story is the student’s understanding of what was read. By retelling the story in his/her own words, the student communicates an understanding of the written words and meaning contained in the sentences science, the students a
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