Lilia:excuse me, hello where are you from? i think u new student  here. what is your name?popuri: hi~  my name is popuri , i come from thailand . yes it's true. i'm following with my father  job in indonesia . because of it i move school.
john: hello!  who is she lilia?
lilia : she is new student here,she come from thailand, her nickname is popuri
.john: wow it's cool.nice to meet u 
popuri: thnks john ,me too ! oh i must go to teacher office right now! so good bye nice to meet you

Dina : Hello good morning
Yuma:good morning Dina
Dina : where you come from
Yuma:i'm come from medan,where is you come from
Dina:i'm come from jogja
Yuma:i'm soory i have go to the market