In a village there is an institution Kembang Wangi bhs course. English, followed by several children from the village who have high ideals. However, there is a child who can not follow that course because her parents could not afford. want to know story ........

Teacher : Good morning kids .....
Students : Good morning .....
Teacher : Let's begin our lesson yesterday about the alphabet, "tense, etc conjungtion
Students : yes mom ....
Teacher : ok class children's continue again tomorrow. see you next time
Students : see you too mom

Finally, the students - students hurried home, but they stopped the middle road. Because see rukinah'm sad.

people 1 : oh Rukinah you doing here alone?
Rukinah : I'm jealous of you guys who can take English language courses that
people 2 : why are you jealous? but if you want you can join
Rukinah : I will not be able to join the course. Because ....(Reveal a sad face)
people 2 : because of what ????? Cost ?????
Rukinah : yes...... (Sad)
people 2 : rukinah .... rukinah .... you do not need to be sad, because the cost is very cheap ..
Rukinah : Really?
Students : yes, of course ........
people1 :now you go home ask your parents permission same (Rukinah home)
Rukinah : father ...mother ...(Ran - ran for joy)
Mother : there is what my son really cried - cried, no flood, volcano eruption, fire,
Father : where is happen ???????
Rukinah : nothing
father : why do you keep screaming - screaming .?
Rukiah : rukinah cried - cried because it chursus rokinah want to come? Could the father's
mother and father: what ??? khursus?
Mother : rokinah, do you not think of where we pay khursus it?
Rukinah : cost is not expensive mother . Only five hundred thousand rupiah.
father : what ????? fifty thousand dollars?
You think you can be that much more money from where?
Rukinah : but rokinah want clever .....
Mother : (sorry to see rukinah) so be it, if you want it .......
But to pay khursus you, you just take this cassava rice nd yes ....
Rukiah : ya allah bu ... can cook?
Father : keep what you want to my child?
Rukiah : father money if you do not bring money which could be
Mother : father and mother had no money, only that the father and the mother of my
children. if you want to take the child. if not ........
Rukiah : yes mother rokinah want.

Rukinah feel so happy . Because of cassava and rice he can jion in english development course and next month they are going to abroad with students . Today they have already to go abroad .
Student : come on , where is your trunk
Rukiah : woiiii . wait for us
Student :why do you come late ????
Rukiah : sorry frieds , my parents cry when we leave them
People 1 :are you realy ..
People 2 : let’s go .
Student : australia .. we are coming !!!
They have a nice journey and they will be back in six days.
Today they have just arrived by bus and they go back to their house whitout any talk because they miss their parents .
Student : My parents .. we are coming !!!!!
Rukiah : hello ! ded mo .......
Father : dad , ded , dad , ded .... father not ded
He , where is your parcel for you parents
Rukiah : ow , don’t worry ded a have something special for you .
Mother : what is that ???
Rukiah : wait a minute !( take a parcel )
Here you are
Father :haaaaa????? What is this ???
Rukiah : this is small chairs. Ded, mom.
I got it because last time i chould speak english well with foreigner.
Mother : Are you sure??
Rukiah : Absolutely...foreigner?
Mother : but, what for this small chair????
Rukiah : yes..for decoration mom, not for sit dedy and mom...
Father : oh.....
Rukiah : yes, mom....
Tomorrow the students and romlah come the english developmentcourse to get sertificate because they have finished final examination.
Finally, Romlah can speak English well and their dream to meet foreigner come true.
makasih atas dramanya,tapi sya minta drama pendek
Tentang apa?
apa aja yang penting jangan cinta cintaan sama dramanya pendek aja
Yang ini boleh gak?
Haruna: Yoh, What happen?
Yoh: Maybe I catch cold. Then, what do you want to talk?
Haruna: Heh? Aren’t you the want to talk, right?
(Suddenly, the door is closed)
Haruna: What is that sound? This is a trap? Can’t Open! Mobile phone!
Yoh: There is no signal, we can’t send anything.
Haruna: So we can’t go outside until someone coming?
Yoh: Looks like that. Now, we both… will die naturally, right?
Haruna: Anyone! Is there anyone?
Yoh: Very cold.
Haruna: Cold? Cold? Cold? Cold? Yoh use this. I will fine.
(Haruna giving her jacket to Yoh)
Haruna: Must be there something to wear. Ah! Volley ball net! This can’t       used, heh? Mattress! This is cold when touched. I found a blanket! A blanket! Yoh, use this.
Yoh: What about you?
Haruna: I will be okay. I’m hot blooded. In the situation like this, must be there a door. Something we can use to escape. Wait! I hear a sound of wind! Must be there ventilation around here.
Yoh: Ventilation? Do you prefer…that?
Haruna: Too small! I found a smoke alarm. If we can make a fire, someone will come.
Yoh: But…we don’t have fire match or something like that.
(Haruna scrape flag pole with chair)
Yoh: I’m 100% agree…that not will burn.
Haruna: Impossible.
(1 hour later)
Haruna: Very cold…
Yoh: Hey, come… The wind is cold, why didn’t you come in too?
Haruna: Heh? I’m fine… I’m hot blooded.
Yoh: I prefer, I feel cold.
(Haruna slowly walking towards Yoh)
(Pulled Haruna)
(Yoh in the blanket with Haruna)
Haruna: (Ah, Yoh is smell so good. Maybe this is Yoh surprise plan? Make us alone, so I can smell his amazing aroma and make me do something fool? Oh no, this aroma will make me falling in love! Can’t! I can’t like his aroma or falling in love to him!)
Yoh: I didn’t planning it.
Haruna: You can read my mind?
Yoh: Yes.
Haruna: About aroma too?
Yoh: What aroma?
Haruna: Oh no, I will die. I will die for different reason. This is that scene. “Our body will become cold and cold, let’s undone our cloths and warm another. Isn’t it like that?
Yoh: That would happen if our cloth is wet, right?
Haruna: Do you read my mind again?
Yoh: No, you clearly say it loud.
Haruna: Very shamed!
Yoh: That not different from usual.
Haruna: Very shamed!
(In the class…)
Mami-chan: It very cold, cold, cold, cold~ very cold (stare at Haruna bag that left in the class)Heh?
(In the sports storehouse…)
Haruna: I will protect Yoh!
(Haruna pushing the door)
Yoh: Stop! You will hurt yourself!
Haruna: I won’t. If I can’t open this door, that will become worse for you! Because, for me, you are important coach for me!
(Haruna still trying to open the door)
Yoh: I will help you too.
Haruna: What?
Yoh: Because… I’m not want you hurt.
Haruna: Heh?
Yoh: Let’s do it together.
Haruna: Y-yes.