Attention please , ladies and gentleman 
- Attention please,attention please! - Guys can you give me your attention?
Miss Lia: Everybody, may i have your attention please?
Student: Yes, Ma'am
Miss Lia: Thank you
Student: *chatter*
Miss Mia: Attention please, everyone! We're at the classroom!
Student: Yes, Ma'am.
Miss Kanya: Mia, please look at me! Would you stop doing that thing in here?
Mia: i'm so sorry, Ma'am. Yes I am.
Miss Kanya: Thank you
Lia: Mia!
Mia: *not hearing*
Lia: *throwing paper*
Mia: ouch! What?
Lia: i just want to ask about homework!
Mia: oh. page 21 number 1-10
Lia: thanks
Apakah ini membantu? :)