There are some grammatical errors in the setence give below. circle the mistakes in setence, then rewrite the setence. if there aren't any mistakes, put a tick mark next to the setence. maksudnya di suruh ngpain??
1. let!s to go to the sushi of restaurant for lunch.
2. shall we do have a meeting on aftenoon saturday?
3.can i do get you a glasd juice of?
4. let me take you home.
5. if you want, i'ii car the wash for you.
6. shall home we go now?
7. would lake you another glass of juice?
8. you should finish you work today
9. can i take halp you with something?
10. shall i bring jacket?



Maksudnya, di kalimat2 dibawah tuh ada grammarnya yang ga bener, kalau ada yang salah, di buletin yang salahnya, terus di salin yang benernya, 
terus, kalo ga ada yang salah, tinggal di kasih ceklis di pinggir kalimatnya, gitu